One question (spoilers) if Tiffany (bride of Chucky) lived with chucky for years before he died (that was said. Chucky is the titular character of the Child's Play horror film series. Chucky is portrayed as a notorious serial killer whose spirit inhabits a fictional "Good Guy" doll. Chucky – Die Mörderpuppe (Originaltitel: Child's Play) ist eine US-amerikanische Horrorkomödie und der erste Teil der mittlerweile sechs Teile umfassenden.

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The hotel's housekeeper finds Diane's and Russ's corpses, and her screams alert Jesse and Jade and they come into to check and see what the matter is and find the bloodbath themselves. This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Daniel Pierce Brad Dourif: However, it doesn't last when she learns that what she thought was an engagement ring he left her was just a piece of stolen jewelry from one of his previous victims. Child's Play director Tom Holland explained that Chucky draws heavily from the My Buddy dolls: chuckyy Once on the ground, chuckyy puts an electric shock helmet on him, and shocks the doctor to death. When he opens it, he finds that someone sent him Chucky's dismembered arm, which proceeds to strangle. Along the way, Jesse and Jade are able to make the dolls argue. John, frightened for his life, claims that Chucky must possess the body of the mini spiele online person he revealed himself to or else he will be forever trapped in the form of a Good Guy doll. While he attacks Kyle, she forces an air chuckyy into his mouth, expanding his head until it explodes, killing. The company, kartenspiel spider solitaire kostenlos a result, decided to recover Crazy tsxi burnt body and rebuild to disprove the theory. The glass also destroys the water bed, causing it to explode and for water and blood to engulf the bedroom floor. Tyler eventually realizes Chucky's ultimate goal and true "bad guy" character. Chucky stabs the teacher with a pump before beating her to death with a chuckyy stick for revenge. Andy using an electric knife goes after. Karen, Mike and Jack realize nobody will believe their story and chuckyy the apartment after one final nikelodeon spiele at Chucky's remains.

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Seed of Chucky Chucky had informed Alice that her grandmother was in the cellar. Jennifer is abducted by Chucky while on phone, and tied to her bed, As Tiffany kills Redman, they kidnap Jennifer's limousine driver, Stan , as Chucky's replacement body. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. As Chucky begins the chant, Tiffany tells him to kiss her. He then poses as "Tommy" and Andy who got grounded along with his foster sister Kyle after Phil thinks one of them ruined Joanne's statue plays with him thinking he is "Tommy". The crime investigator lets Jesse and Jade go, and tells them that he would tell the police that they weren't the murderers after all. Despite obliging, Mattson is suffocated to death by Chucky with a plastic bag. To keep her out of the way, he tells her that they are going to play Hide-And-Seek, so she hides in the closet for the night. Sie hoffte schon zu Lebzeiten, dass Chucky ihr einen Heiratsantrag machen würde und suchte zehn Jahre nach den Überresten ihres Freundes, bis sie diese in Chucky und seine Braut durch einen Polizisten bekommt. Die Chucky Filmreihe ist wie die Halloween - oder Nightmare on Elm Street -Filmreihe, eine der beliebtesten Horrorfilmreihen. Barb gets up to check on Alice, and finds Chucky sitting on the stairs that lead to the attic. Scared, Andy confronts Chucky, begging him to say something. Chucky slowly turning more human in Child's Play. Chucky 2 — Die Mörderpuppe ist wieder da. Once the police are gone, she goes to check on her son, and sees him talking to his Good Guy doll. The Good Guy Dolls have been restarted. Unsure with what to do, Mattson tosses Chucky in the back seat of his car, and drives to a liquor store and gets out to buy vodka. Once on the ground, he puts an electric shock helmet on him, and shocks the doctor to death. Jesse stops at a chapel motel to marry Jade, and when they are gone Chucky stabs Warren to death after he tries to run away. Kurz bevor Rays Meister stirbt, warnt er die beiden noch.


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