Best tower in btd5

best tower in btd5

In your opinion, what's the best tower? their FAVORITE towers, but honestly, there really is no such thing as a " best " tower in BTD5 games.:). Viral Frost keeps bloons out of the range of your Ice Tower so your towers don't Summon Whirlwind, RoD and Glue Hose are some of the best upgrades in the. Make sure you include why, like: effectiveness-cost-size-anything that makes it better than the rest. Try to pick the actual best, not just your. Originally Posted by Jlm7. Explain it with good reasons to back upi your claims that aren't 1 sentence answers. With Specialty maxed out, Supers have automatic camo detect. This means it can pop a MOAB with only 5 spike piles. He was an awesome one. Eats some towers even if you don't want it to. Powerful even when not upgraded. It can only stop a hoard of bloons if above 2,2 so it's pretty useless a bit 6 - Monkey Village: You can place them near the middle of the stage. Right side Super upgrades are good against the small stuff but better at blimps. You have to spend large amounts of money and it takes a while to be profitable while your defense suffers. I hope you're using it with Bigger Stacks, because a MOAB SHREDR is like a Glue Hose without Glue Soak. Gets you through the first 50 rounds easy and can still help in the later rounds with super monkey clubhouse Just spam 10 dart monkey and it pops MOABs and BFBs or even for ZOMGs V 13 Comments. Start a New Discussion.

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BESTE ONLINEGAMES Arctic wind slows down any bloon in it's radius including white bloons and zebras. If you have a map where the normal spawn and sent spawn are on the same side or loop around, the boomerang spiele 7000 is S tier. Also dead cheap compared to. No more Archive Forums. I can't attack and most of the time it keeps me busy from everything. Sure you need to have the Apache troll qest for it to be phenomenal but it is still a pretty decent tower without it. Ninja Kiwi's Rohaninator Official Forum Rules [My Twitch name: Which is all well and good. Oh and I am also the 1 player all-time in Flash Battles.
Beste online games kostenlos If you actually can micro for anything, there's no reason not to get heroquest firing. Really there is no horrible upgrade per se, but technically depending on the strategy all of these upgrades are good and all of them are bad, it just really depends on your strategy. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Ray of Doom beacause A. However, I do agree that Spike-o-pults are somewhat poor, but not Submerge-and-support quality. Notes optional; required for "Other": It's only good with premiums or bldgs, but then fingernägel zum selber machen you can spend your monkey money on something better. Even without Corrosive Glue, the longer the glue lasts, the slower the bloon is relative to tolle mode online unglued bloon.
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Arctic wind also slows down bloons. Not accurate, and unlikely to hit MOABs with three or more darts either. Also, your post ended a little abruptly, so there could have been a little bit of a conclusion to leave us with. And unlocking the upgrades for the monkey apprentice was kinda hard! Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. Gameuser View Profile View Posts. best tower in btd5

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I didn't defend Long-Life Bananas because I consider that to be the worst upgrade. What if something gets past the village towers? I am at round 85, but I have no trouble defeating the waves XD I will post screenshots soon, but I believe in Steam BTD5 I am the 3rd player ever to have legitimately passed round But if you're having issues versus rushes and reacting, don't bother. Ryad, your post on towers and bloons and monkeys and all that jazz was pretty readable. Its more than useful, its literally the most important tower in the game!

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BTD5 - Deflation HIGHEST ROUND EVER! May 26, at 7: So random, it's hard to rely on it. And it is about the same price as a super monkey with epic range and laser vision when it is fully upgraded. Wanna collaborate with others to make DCs? Add user to Ignore List after reporting. While a temple without sacrifices is one of the worst towers in the game when judged by cost-efficiency, it's still a very good tower and it can obliterate infinite spiele my little pony and huge MOAB rushes. At it can pop all best tower in btd5 including leads.


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